EHR Developer Code of Conduct

EHR_CodeofConduct_Badge_FINAL.jpgSince its inception in 2004, the Association has represented its member companies with a single voice on issues that affect our industry, as we collaborate to represent our collective customers — the vast majority of hospitals and physicians’ practices of all sizes and specialties across the US with operational EHRs. Recognizing the transformative power of health IT, we offer this Code of Conduct as a reflection of our industry’s ongoing commitment to collaborate as trusted partners with all stakeholders.

EHR Association (the Association) members have a long tradition of working with our customers to improve care, increase efficiencies, enhance patient safety, and provide better outcomes. EHRs have become essential components of quality patient care delivery. In this context, the EHR Association and its member companies recognize the importance to all stakeholders of promoting a set of transparent industry principles that reflect our continued commitment to support safe healthcare delivery, recognize the value and impact that EHRs have for patients and families, foster continued innovation, and operate with high integrity in the market.

The EHR Developer Code of Conduct focuses on these topics:

  • General business practices
  • Patient safety
  • Interoperability and data portability
  • Clinical and billing documentation
  • Privacy and security
  • Patient engagement

The Code was developed by the EHR Association through engagement with stakeholders representing government, healthcare provider associations, and consumers. Periodically, the EHR Association will review the Code and make updates as needed. The Association encourages all EHR developers — regardless of membership in the Association — to adopt the Code. The Association provides implementation guidance and the information needed for EHR developers to adopt the Code.

Recognizing that every company has different business models and practices, companies that adopt the Code will be responsible for determining their specific application of the Code consistent with the spirit of the Code’s principles. Adoption of the Code means that the company is committed to all of its principles and has completed or is underway in the implementation of the practices needed to apply these principles within the company

Comments or questions regarding the EHR Developer Code of Conduct should be directed to

The EHR Association developed this Code of Conduct because we saw the need for a transparent set of principles that shows our ongoing commitment to support safe healthcare delivery, foster continued innovation, and operate with high integrity. We understand the important role that health IT plays in the healthcare environment — both for our users, and their patients and families — and we will evolve the code as our industry continues to move forward.

- Mickey McGlynn, Siemens and EHR Association Chair Emerita